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Nuke'em Rico - Rage Quit EP.


WOW!! It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to sit here and write a blog. I feel a new Rookie’s Rants is on the way, but for now I’ve got some cool news to let loose into the digital realm. THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING!! In all its virus infected 8bit mosh metal glory […]

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50 Shades of Grey, I need to vent, then I want my money back.

Ok, I need to vent…here it goes the first ever official Rookie’s Rants. I’m going to open with a question…Really? fucking Really? I have never felt so embarrassed for everyone involved in this train wreck of a film. i just got back from this absolute visual shit about 3 minutes ago, and I feel like […]

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Best News In Ages!!

On Wednesday the 29th of October, a whole crate of these will make it’s way from China to Sydney. Soon This and… This!! will finally be together!! And all the people who email me asking about this thing will have their chance to get themselves one. Not going to lie, This part of the Galileo’s Ghost […]

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