the name itself triggers a variety of emotions to any who hear it. A Hero to some a Terrorist to others.
TRONTARI is the most wanted life form on the planet.
Wanted not only by the ladies but by every Empire on Oceanus.
Born the son of a VALTERIAN Shock Trooper Father and a Super Model Mother, ORION EUROPA (Valterian Name) was born not only with superior Athletic & Mental capabilities from his genetically enhanced father, HELIOS EUROPA. But also a stunning physical appearance from his mother, NIOBE EUROPA.
Due to this genetic lottery he won, his life growing up was quite the fairy tale. Gathering friends and followers from all areas of the social spectrum. Able to compete and gain respect from the most physical of athletes, while being able to match intellect with the most genius of intellectuals.
It was these attributes that not only made him a celebrity to all who met him, but also gained him the gaze of many female admirers.

At the age of 17, Orion decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the Valterian Military.
He surpassed basic training and was scouted for the highly prestigious ROYAL GUARD.
Just like his father Orion’s military career was highly decorated even earning himself the coveted EX LUASA CROSS.

For 10 OMNI Cycles, Orion loyally served in the Royal Guard and fought valiantly for Kingdom and Crown against the other Empires of Oceanus. On the 17th Moon of the ALURA Cycle, Orion was approached by the Valterian King himself, KING OEDIPUS. Orion was offered a place at the TABLE OF LORDS and a leading role in the King’s BLACK GAUNTLET, a secret military intelligence organization specializing in the political and social manipulation of the other empirical super powers.

All this was at the behest of it’s then Senior Director SATYRS IOCLUS, an Ex-Shock Trooper and Royal Guard who fought along side Orion’s father. A Sly and Moraless man with no respect for honor or dignity.
Fearful of Orion’s favor in the eyes of the King, Satyrs developed concern over his position as senior director and began scheming Orion’s downfall.

During his time as a Black Gauntlet Agent, Orion lead countless undercover social and political manipulation campaigns and blacked out assassinations of numerous political and Monarchal figures. He did so not only in Valteria itself but also deep inside hostile empirical territories, gaining himself even higher favor with the crown.
Over the many missions that Orion undertook, much the same as his younger years, he gained many hearts and admirations from the opposite sex. Even stealing the heart of the POSEIDONIAN King’s Daughter PRINCESS BELLA DONNA. During his successful infiltration of the deep sea Empire of POSEIDONIA, the two grew very close and he even dined at the kings table beside the Princess.

While the two where sharing a passionate night together during the celebration of the Tide’s 3rd Moon cycle.
Orion’s Holocognito Suit malfunctioned and thus exposing his Valterian heritage to Bella Donna. This forced Orion to go on the run for several days as a fugitive as he tried to escape Poseidonia.
Orion was forced to flee into a run down somewhat forgotten area of the Posidonian city called Ganacoln. As the Poseidonian authorities closed in on Orion’s location a soft familiar voice trembled from behind him. He turned to look into the eyes of his Bella Donna, tears building up in her beautiful bright eyes.

Never doubt the love of a women’s heart he thought, as she lead him to his escape. She tenderly kissing him goodbye before watching him drift away into the darkness of the deep sea.

It was due to these charismatic abilities that Satyrs was right to worry about his grip on the Black Gauntlet. Within Two ALURA Cycles, Orion had moved his way up to Third in command.
A position previously held by Satyrs’s brother JANUS.
The brothers watching their grip loosen, devised a scheme to frame Orion in an assassination plot against the Royal Family.
The Brothers began recruiting ten of the most trusted Black Gauntlet agents whose loyalty fell heavily on the side of Satyrs.

Each Black Gauntlet agent has their own communication profile on the Black Gauntlet’s secret ISHTARI Network.
The ISHTARI network is a highly advanced computer system that allows the user to communicate with any Black Gauntlet Agent and any target. It can mimic any peer to peer and social communication system or device on Oceanus. As well as allowing the agent to change their Location, Identity and history so as to lure their target further into their traps.
Unfortunately for Orion, Satyrs can remotely access his profile and change the location of the unsuspecting war hero.

For one ALURA Cycle the group executed a full scale campaign using external burner accounts, Location scramblers, faked security footage and orchestrated conversations so it all lead back to one account…Orion’s.

When the King was presented the falsified information he immediately ordered Orion to be apprehended and to face a Royal Court of Justice for his betrayal. This was an outcome that Satyrs and his group had anticipated, No element of doubt of Orion being guilty could be allowed to surface. That meant Orion needed to be eliminated before he could face a jury and not a trace of him could remain.
In the late hours of that evening, silently Orion’s throat was slit in his own bathroom as he shaved by DIOMEDUS CASTOR, The Black Gauntlet’s Master Assassin. Orion died with no struggle, no courageous final battle against an arch nemesis. No, Orion died staring at his own blood pooling on the floor around him as a friend stood over his dying body.

Orion’s corpse was then sealed in a body bag and his quarters cleaned of any trace of the incident. The body was then ironically transported to an abandoned run down building on the outskirts of the Valterian Royal city.
The body was laid next to a Military Star Cruiser grade Flash Bomb, which are most commonly used to burn a star cruiser from the inside out leaving nothing behind. Orion’s body was left there until the final chapter of the plan was set in motion.

Satyrs planed on orchestrating a shoot out between his loyal Black Gauntlet forces and a desperate and cornered Orion.

Satyrs planned the grand finale to be that Orion had planned on assassinating the Royal Family with a stolen Flash Bomb.
During the shoot out. stray fire would accidently hit and trigger the bomb to explode…thus vaporizing the last loose end in his depraved scheme.

Of course, every plan has a flaw, and the flaw is the people in the plan…And in this case it was Satyrs himself.
Valteria has a problem with exiling those who have failed in the eyes of the Crown. This has forced countless to flee into the bowels of the Valterian cities. Left to inhabit the sewers and catacombs of Valteria or risk perishing in the deep ocean.

Out of sight and out of mind.

This tradition of exiling failures has populated these underground communities with some of the best minds in Valteria and granted, as well as some of the most unethical.
Leaving them to indulge in their questionable experiments unabashed with no interference with a vast herd of forgotten souls to be experiment on.
One of these minds was Dr. Cadmus, A genius Bio-Cybernetics engineer, exiled on ethical reasons for his research in Cyber-organic soldiers using the corpses of fallen Valterian servicemen.

But what made Cadmus different to the other crazy or mad scientists that dwell in the depths Valteria, is his taste for the unforgotten, for those who still live on the surface…or better described as “Lived” on the surface.
In the dark lawless subterranean slums many of the inhabitants were exiled for a Royally undesired addiction to a drug called LOCKSA.

LOCKSA is a opiate derived from the DESMISSIUS angler fish native to the waters around Valteria, but it is a synthetic substance created in the 34th Oceanus Cycle to manage pain from battle wounds, and was also used by soldiers to mask fear in battle during the 2nd Valterian/Maguston War.
After the war legal use and misuse rose rapidly so it became clear that LOCKSA was a highly addictive substance and needed to be banned. This created an illegal market for the drug that rose out of the exiled slums of the underground.
Among the many short term and long term effects of LOCKSA, degeneration of the neural pathways in the brain is the most common.
Although the Desmissius’s poison is not lethal to Valterians, when spliced with the numerous acids and proteins manipulates the substance into a highly addictive drug that replaces oxygen in the blood stream and causes depressed breathing, were the individual’s breathing becomes shallow, slow, or irregular, and the body then receives less oxygen and thus is replaced by LOCKSA. With less oxygen, the brain will begin to reduce function and the chemical compound of the LOCKSA tears at the ventricle structure polluting the brain.

So it’s no surprise that LOCKSA is the drug of choice in the slums. But even though these slums are full of possible test subjects, Cadmus needs a pure healthy brain for his twisted experiments, brains polluted with LOCKSA just won’t do.

Being an expert in Cybernetics, Cadmus had built himself a ragtag collection of six inch tall surface exploring androids built from scrap tech. He fondly named them SCRATS and uses these androids to help him find recently deceased or in some cases not even close to deceased test subjects…to harvest their parts.

Unfortunately for Satyrs, the night before his planned shoot out with a dead man, these small makeshift tinman butchers where out prowling for goreish remains.

The area where Satyrs had Orion’s body transported to, was a regular hunting ground for Cadmus’s programmed minions.
Hundreds of little scrap built men surrounded Orion’s body like robotic Lilliputians around Gulliver’s giant body.
They began to climb over the body bag that encased Orion, working together they slowly unzipped the bag to reveal orion’s body with a haunting death stare.
Soon after small flashes of red light began to illuminate the decrepit room, as the small cutting lasers built into these miniature butchers began to harvest the brain of the murdered war hero.

Soon after the butchering light show, Orion’s thick re-enforced Valterian brain was carefully lifted from the skull by a group of ten SCRATS, while it only took two to precisely cut the brain from it’s stem.
Now the race was on. This team scrap butchers had only Twenty minutes to return the brain to Cadmus before the brain was utterly unusable.
Within seconds of the brain being freed from the skull, a robotic wave of scrap metal burst from any opening, crack or crevasse that the run down building had accumulated over it’s slow decent into decay. Hundreds of SCRATS engulfed the ground as they charged into the night surrounding and protecting the chosen few who carried the mechanical crews ghastly prize. Like ants they swarmed over the ground, each strategically taking point and protecting the brain from any harm or contaminant…cutting lasers at the ready.

It was on entering the sewers that the dedication of the SCRATS to protecting their repulsive jackpot was truly on display.
As the miniature horde surged through the labyrinth of septic system and waste run off, they surged and pulsated around brain looking like it was encased in television static.

Every possible contaminate was intercepted and destroyed.
As each drop of sewerage water threatened the brain a SCRAT would throw itself at it absorbing the impact.
Intern another one of it’s tiny comrades would tackle the previous out of the way so as not to fall on the brain.
The additional droplets that would occur from the fore mentioned impact would then be intercepted by other SCRATS with mechanical precision before again tackled away so as to not contaminate the valued bounty.

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