Cum and make love to TRONTARI @:.

Rookie Allen’s TRONTARI:
All music written By: Rookie Allen.
Music Performed By Rookie Allen,
Lisa Wilson, Sam Fulmer, John Meggi
A.W.Gray, Melina Goldmen, DJDog
Azumi Kiasama, Louis Hannel, Kls
Bone Tree, Starager Methconi
Gordan Burk, Megumi Kiosama.

TRONTARI is just another result of Rookie Allen’s Life crippling addiction to music.
TRONTARI – Mona Lisa Del Contra is a Collage of everything held dear.
Like most of Rookie’s project these days TRONTARI is a canvas where anything can be throw at it as long as it can help create a unique sound.
This is why TRONTARI can’t be placed into any one genre…
But one thing is for sure, it does have an 80’s aesthetic.

To create this project Rookie reached out to musician friends from the past and present from around the world to help
give it a flare that only a group of muso’s can. And hopefully reignite the creative fire in all of them again.

From the first track to the last, Rookie wanted Mona Lisa Del Contra to evolve into showcase of musical exploration
by stirring together an Avant-garde mixture of Progressive Metal,Jazz/Free Jazz, Punk & Hardcore, Retro Wave, Vapor wave,
Shoe gaze, Electronica, Ambient noise and Drone. And Then throwing it all in the oven just to see what it tastes like.

What came out of that oven, to some is seen as an abomination. An abhorrent unholy union of genres that have no place bearing a child. While to others who live with an open mind, This is the result of a beautiful union of glorious music genres that were founded and created by Great Artists who asked to themselves “Yeah, But how can I make this Cooler?”.

Genre: Avant-garde,  Progressive Metal,  Retro Wave, New Wave, Rock, Pop, Ambient, Electronica, Noise.