Best News In Ages!!

On Wednesday the 29th of October, a whole crate of these will make it’s way from China to Sydney.
Soon This and…
This!! will finally be together!!
And all the people who email me asking about this thing will have their chance to get themselves one.

Not going to lie, This part of the Galileo’s Ghost project has been the hardest.
Even after all the hours writing and re-writing the music.
Spending hours in front of a microphone singing and screaming my heart out.
Drawing and writing the book like five freaking times…Nope nothing was harder than getting this book printed.
Hours of going through what seemed like millions of printing providers from around the world.
Getting quotes and even negotiating over said quotes was a war.
CD’s I’ve done before, Books never. Completely different battle.
But finally it’s almost here…and breathe…now get ready for the next one hahaha.
Thanks to everyone who helped me get this thing finished.

Also if you get bored later, jump over to the Starplanet youtube and watch some GGhost stuff.
And if you really get bored, the first three and a half chapters of Volume one of the GGhost online web comic is up online at

So anyway, Stay Punk. And if your not punk, become punk and stay that way.