Benj Axwel – Safety First


6 Track EP


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‘Safety First’ is the debut E.P from Benj Axwel, former frontman for Sleight of Hand. This release is unlike anything Axwel has released until now. Along with Benj’s big voice and penchant for a catchy chorus is Chris Hoole (Let The Number Be X) providing the synthesisers and beats. ‘Safety First’ includes 6 original songs and a cover of The Divinyl’s Pleasure and Pain.

Benj Axwel: Safety First

EP: Benj Axwel – Safety First
Track List:
Track 01 – Design Flaws
Track 02 – Healthy Swallow
Track 03 – Someone Else’s Girl
Track 04 – With A Dull Knife
Track 05 – The Past Happened
Track 06 – Soon