First Release of 2018: Everything Beautiful Bleeds – Mon cœur à travers des mers ambiantes

So today we release a TRIPLE first for us hear at Enter Starplanet. Not Only is this the First release of 2018, but this is also the first release from Everything Beautiful Bleeds and it is also the first release from our label imprint Exiled Voice Recordings.
So please check out this monster of an EP. I truly am Proud to be releasing it on my label and happy to see it finally out in the world.
Grab it here:

“Mon cœur à travers des mers ambiantes” translated is “My heart through ambient seas”.
The Debut release from Sydney’s premier Ambienkord outfit Everything Beautiful Bleeds sounds exactly as the title states. A beautifully heart broken blend of spirit broken emotion and blissful ambient noise.
As you make your way through this carefully orchestrated noise filled ecosystem you’re led by pain filled screams and bass lines, and constantly bludgeoned by heavily ambient washed guitars and gently caressed by an ever present haunting riff

Stay Punk

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