ESP has acquired the HAPPY LEPER brand!!

SO many years ago, All us punk kids spear heading this whole Neo-trash thing had a few goals.
One was to get out a CD (YES!! a CD or a Compact Disk that contained our music…read all about it HERE) with our poorly recorded, mixed and some times mastered music. Then gain enough following among the trash circles online that we would be invited to play shows.
(This of course never happened to me since TGC was one of the bands that were getting asked by other bands to put them on shows…but you get my point.)
The second thing was a lot of these young bands after the recording process were hoping that one man would see potential in their trash. That man was Joel “Gunner” Rodrick the founder of the original Neo-trash label called HAPPY LEPER RECORDS.
And after a rocky history to say at least, HLR became defunct and a new generation of labels took over such as Trashy Penguin and Electrotrash ect.
Maybe it’s just an old man reminiscing about the old days but their magic back then that I hope to recreate. And I’ve always felt that our Neo-trash releases always looked better with that logo attached to them. Everyone that was brought together around that label still longs for those days to return…SO I BOUGHT THE GOD DAMN NAME. Not for me, Not for all us old folk, but for the young kids in this 3rd Generation to feel the same family that can only come with these three words.
ESP is proud to announce that as of January 2018, All Neo-trash and related projects will be released through or moved over to our NEW Musical Imprint “HAPPY LEPER RECORDS”. For the products of the static age and for all lovers of Audio Graffiti.

Rookie Allen

Let us know what you think.

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