ABOUT: Enter Starplanet – THE MOTHERSHIP.

Established in 2012 by Rookie Allen, former The Ghost Computer!! front-man and now Galileo’s Ghost vocalist.
And joined by former front man of Sleight of hand and now solo artist Benj Axwel in 2014.

Rookie created Enter Starplanet as a home for artists that let their art do the talking rather than flashy promo photos and a rock star persona.

Enter Starplanet was created for the underground by the underground.

We are a culture of creative individuals that represent current and predictive underground progressive audio and visual art.
We pride ourselves by looking into the vast gallery of creation and letting our art represent current and future times. rather than dwelling on the past or walking around in circles rehashing old ideas and regurgitating them back to you the audience, and expecting you to choke it down.
We are a label for open minded lovers of cool stuff. From Starplanet records showcasing the best in the current uncharted underground of musical entertainment. To Starplanet Monoceros digitally and physically publishing the best in visual entertainment in the form of digital comics and graphic novels.

We encourage progression and experimentation from both our musical and visual artists whatever genre they create their medium in. We want to hear and see a Progression, Hybrids, We want to see evolution.

Enter Starplanet is a family. We all help each other and promote each other as one entity. We link to all our artists and all the artist’s revenue goes to the artist. We are the vehicle that they travel on and the label they believe in.

Enter Starplanet offer their art to all forms of media from Video games to cinema. And are represented by respected music placement and supervisor companies. If you hear something you’d like to use drop us a line and we will get you in contact with the right people.

So now you have read all this…maybe Enter Starplanet is the right cultural family for you and your art.

Unlike other companies WE see that the industry landscape has changed we look to evolve with it.