This Killed Jonbenet


This Killed Jonbenet are currently the driving force behind the Neo-trash movement and are obsessively fixated on evolving their politically driven hacktivist audio Graffiti known as Neo-trash. Featuring ex-members of “The Ghost Computer!!” since 2005 members Spang Green, Drew Turner and Stan Rosenberg along with Eric Chapman and Beau Nelson have raped and devastated the ears of the Neo-trash circles along the east coast of Australia into a bloody mess.

With frustration induced, throat shredding, pulpit regurgitating screams that cut through a Tsunami of chaotic bursts and face melting guitar work that is locked in a life and death battle with pulsating brain melting electronics, kept at war by crazy primal berserker drum beats. All of this is rapped into a tight ball of aggression that is on a kamikaze like  collision course with your face. This musical virus will only let you breathe as it pries your eyes open to conspiracy driven political speeches as you drown into a sea of cybernetic ambiance.

This Killed Jonbenet is a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer This Killed Jonbenet’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the Starplanet store as well as the Following links.

In 2004 a little band from Newcastle was formed in the back room of a rented Maryfield house. The idea behind this band was to predict what the style of punk and hardcore would sound like in the futuristic fictional world of Neo-Tokyo depicted in the classic Japanese film Akira. After ten minutes of translating and re-translating the original name of the band into Japanese then back into English, they finally decided on “The Ghost Computer!!”. A few months later they recorded demos that creped into the hands of influential members of the Newcastle Experimental music scene. And soon found themselves recording an in demand EP. Through the experimental music scene The Ghost Computer!! Eventually met up with a crazy band of girls from Sydney called “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For The Penguin” who shared a similar form of musical chaos. The bands became good friends and began practising together in the middle of the night, at The Ghost Computer!!’s frontman Rookie Allen’s place of work, EDI Rail Cardiff. Strangely this train building workshop’s lunch room had a very large stage that these bands would take turns practising their organized chaos. Soon the bands began to invite friends along to these practice sessions that quickly became illegal shows. Understanding that if they kept these shows in the lunch room, there would be damage done that could not be explained without exposing what was going on. So they moved these weekly chaotic Neo-trash gatherings to an abandoned and run down building at the back of the EDI site.

In the middle of 2005 The Ghost Computer!! Members Spang Green, Drew Turner and Stand Rosenberg decided to leave the band due to time restraints with new jobs. The Ghost Computer!! Continued on with it’s weekly subterranean shows with “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For The Penguin” and newly formed “Old Bold Pilot”. But after a few months the itch couldn’t be left un-scratched anymore. The three original members got together to form a new Neo-trash band, that they called “This Killed Jonbenet”. In late 2005 they released their first EP “Hot Sisters Make Hot Threesomes” onto the unsuspecting Neo-trash circle and thus creating a new stage in the evolution of the sub genre.

At the end of 2006 after watching this music scene that began it’s life in a lunch room begin to grow into a secretive society that spread like a virus up and down the east coast. This Killed Jonbenet added two new members to the family in Eric Chapman and Beau Nelson and let loose their second release “Humanity” part one of a two part project, into the musical underground they created for themselves.

By 2007 with countless “Trash Tours” along side The Ghost Computer!! And former members of Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For The Penguin’s new bands “Piotr Kamler” and “The Bugs”. This Killed Jonbenet thought it was time to release the second part of their project “Human Cattle”. With these two releases they not only progressed the sub-genre from incoherent chaos but also cemented their popularity, Generation One status and leadership amongst the Neo-trash followers.

By late 2008 with a trip to Japan under their belts and plans for a new release for 2009, The band returns home to find out that the owner of their label at the time “Happy Leper Records” had bailed on the entire stable of artists and with the money that belonged to them.

At the beginning of 2009 They released some demos of what would have been the new release and took a step back from their musical lives and began playing shows on a bi-monthly schedule.  Then in 2012 Rookie Allen announced at the final Ghost Computer!! show that he would be starting Starplanet and that it would not be complete without This Killed Jonbenet. This announcement lit the politically fuelled fire under the band again, Knowing that Starplanet would be founded on Neo-trash for Neo-trash and the message it has to give. This Neo-trash Generation One band is back with a new hunger and a new urge to destroy your chances of reproducing.