The Bugs

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If you’re going to talk about Neo-trash three bands come to mind The Ghost Computer!!, This Killed Jonbenet and Don’t Blame Me I Voted For The Penguin. Don’t blame are regarded as the “Mothers of Neo-trash”.
But their run as a band was short but the legacy didn’t die there.
The ex members went onto for two other bands one of which was The Bugs.
Their brand of neo-trash expressed more of a influence to The Locust in their sound. With erratic changes and burst of frustration induced aggression.
These four girls bring an entire new dimension and experimentation to the world of Neo-Trash. Pure Neo-trash the art of audio graffiti, Pure Hackore This is music from the deep web.

The Bugs are a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer The Bugs’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the
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Neo-trash has a short history in the grand scheme of music. But those involved in the scene take it very passionately and none took it more passionately than a band called Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For The Penguin.
This band’s influence on the Neo-trash brand of music is vast. It was Don’t Blame that introduced the “Neo-trash Circle” mentality. This means only those who won’t ruin what we have are aloud to join the circle. This caused the scene to become more secretive and forced it to dig itself further in the subterranean depths of music like it has. It was Don’t blame that introduced the concept of a society outside modern society. One that would communicate through an online community. It was this that ushered in the era of the Dark Web for Neo-trash.
Socially it was Don’t Blame that created the way the Neo-trash scene works.
Musically it was The Bugs that dictated the way the Neo-trash sound would evolve.
Regarded as one of the BIG FOUR of the Generation two Neo-trash bands, The Bugs are self described as four crazy bitches bringing the crazy.
One of the two bands that formed after Don’t Blame parted ways due to musical differences, The Bugs went onto dominate the scene and shape it in their image.