The Angel Negative

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The Angel Negative are a political noise machine. Pure chaos is the only way this band can be described.
The Angel Negative are regarded as one of the major players of the Politically driven hacktivist audio graffiti known as Neo-trash. And one of the founding fathers of the Canberra neo-trash/Hackore scene. A driving force behind the second generation of neo-trash in Australia.

The Angel Negative’s guitars burn through a swarm of chaotic electronics and are steam rolled by blasts of furious drumming. All of this while three sets of vocals gasp for air while drowning in this river of polluted chaos. All of this is rapped into a tight ball of anger ready to explode like a car bomb. Pure Neo-trash the art of audio graffiti, Pure Hackore This is music from the deep web.

The Angel Negative is a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer The Angel Negative’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the Starplanet store as well as the Following links:

Formed in 2007, TAN’s history is slightly tainted but that hasn’t stopped them from being one of the best Neo-trash bands in the world. Once they cut out the cancer that ate away at their core and gained new vocalist Shawn Negative the band came along in leaps and bounds developing their own sound and brand of trash.
In 2008 TAN were involved in the notorious “Canberra Incident”.  Previously overlooked by Neo-trash community, This lit up the Trash forums and rocketed TAN into Neo-trash folk law. Although with this new found “Fame” wasn’t exactly the best, but any publicity is good publicity.
The band was quick to cut vocalist Carsten Negative from the band due to his involvement in the Incident and recruited close friend and fan Shawn Negative as new vocalist. The band then hit the reset button, Quickly erasing their first two releases from their history never to be heard again.

Then in 2008 the band emerged from the Ghost House studios with what became one of the most celebrated Neo-trash albums of all time in “Thou Are Virus” the title took one final swipe at their previous vocalist and it was finally a new beginning.
Since 2006 TAN have never stopped playing and have been once of the driving forces in keeping Neo-trash alive.
With announcement of Enter Starplanet TAN were quick to approach Rookie to have Enter Starplanet be TAN’s new home. The fire has been lit…so expect more great things from this Neo-trash legend.

Enter Starplanet insists that no songs contain Carsten Negative.