Rookie Allen & The Streets of Rage


Created out of boredom and a lack musical talent.

Rookie Allen & The Streets of Rage:
Written/Composed by Rookie Allen
Performed By:
Keyboard/Samples – Bruce Wayne Jnr The Thrid.
Guitars – Sonic The Hedge Clipper.
Guitars – Mario McJump Around.
Bass – Bob…The Poodle.
Drums – Red Shirt Henchman Number Six Hundred & sixty nine.

Enter Starplanet are proud to present this Modern 80’s SEGA throw back as a digital download that is available through the Starplanet store as well as the Following links:

Not so long ago the guys from Rookie Allen & The Streets of Rage where apart of a very important bands in the Neo-Trash scene in Australia (The Ghost Compter, Million Eels, Stand Alone Complex and Humincest). They have since said goodbye to their respected brands of Neo-Trash and embraced a new frontier. During the dawn of 2015, these five brave souls embarked on a journey of discovery into the realm of video game influenced music. Following the trails left by bands like Horse The Band, NESkimos, The Advantage and Iamerror, RA&TSR set out to embrace their favourite childhood companion…SEGA.
In August of 2015, the boys from NUKE ‘EM RICO reached out to producer Rookie Allen to help define their SEGA inspired music. With Rookie’s help they carved an individual sound all of their own…That can only be described as Virus Infected 8bit Mosh Metal. In The studio, a discussion was raised about the term “Nintendocore” and how it doesn’t resonate in any way shape or form with anyone involved nor does the loosely coined SEGAcore. It was at this point Rookie asked for the help of his friends to help him create an idea that was on paper for many years but could never find it’s way into existence until now.