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PO;JK are the only Neo-trash band to have ever come out of Brazil but they cemented themselves as one of the major players in this Politically driven hacktivisim known as audio graffiti during the second wave of Neo-trash.

PO;JK combine a ferocious live show with a sound that can be described as a constant chaotic bombardment of swarming electronics and steam rolling blasts of ear raping drum beats rolled in a ball of guitars that burn their way through your skin decaying your core, while the double vocals articulate your pain with high pitched screeches and deep guttural growls.
Pure Neo-trash the art of audio graffiti, Pure Hackore This is music from the deep web.

PO;JK is a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer PO;JK’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the
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In 2006 a group of friends from São Paulo, Brazil travelled to Australia to attend Sydney University. What they found themselves involved in was unlike any music scene they have ever discovered.
Introduced to the world of Neo-trash through a friend, they quickly became enthralled with the style of audio graffiti and finally started a band of their own later the same year.
PO;JK were quickly snapped up by then popular scene label Happy Leper Records and thrown of tour with Neo-trash heavy hitters The Ghost Computer!! and The Bugs. After a few years PO;JK took it upon themselves to spread the Neo-trash virus to Brazil, but although it never took off in their homeland they made a large dint in the scene of their adopted home.
After 7 long years of chaos, In 20013 PO;JK called it a day, hung up the gloves and took their final bow to their loyal fan base. It was 7 long years for the band but only a moment in time for their fans and the Neo-trash community itself again loosing a main stay and supporting pillar in the underground scene.