Piotr Kamler

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Piotr Kamler the products of the static age. Featuring ex-members of Don’t Blame Me I Voted For The Penguin, Old Bold Pilot and This Epic Fail. Neo-trash is anger management at the best of times, but never has it been more true than it is with this band. Since 2006 this band has lead the Neo-trash scene with the iron fist of a of one of the strongest women ever to grace the stage.

With frustration induced, throat shredding screams that cut through a wall of chaotic guitar work and burning and swarming electronics. This wall is re-enforced by steam rolling drum beats. All of this is rapped into a tight ball of frustration that scratches your eyes out and spits in your face. This product of the static age only lets you breathe as it scrapes the skin out from under it’s nails.

Piotr Kamler is a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer Piotr Kamler’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the Starplanet store as well as the Following links:

After an unexpected break up of the founding mothers of Neo-trash, Don’t Blame Me I Voted For The Penguin. Front Women Shannon Price, filled the anger induced frustration in her life with a this band Piotr Kamler.
Taking inspiration from This Killed Jonbenet, Piotr Kamler took the Neo-trash scene hostage with their intense live show and demolishing sound.
At the time Piotr Kamler were perfecting their sound, a new wave of hardcore music was taking over the punk/hardcore underground of the world. In Newcastle a group inside the hardcore scene had become hard to swallow. Calling themselves ‘The Wolf Pack’ they dictated the scene with their social and scene elitism. This didn’t sit well with the Neo-trash scene and was one of the reasons the scene was started and kept secret, so as to not be infected with any of those involved with this pathetic attempt to revive something long dead like The Wolf Pack. But of all the Neo-trash bands none were more anti-Wolf Pack than Piotr Kamler. Using their “technical knowledge” to sabotage anything they could disrupt the local hardcore Wolf pack scene.
In 2008, they released Kronopolis. Playing on the title of the movie “Chronopolis” by famed Polish science fiction director Piotr Kamler, who inspired the band’s name. The album was well received but the original mix never captured the essence of the band…Until know.
The band helped fuel the fire that kept the scene going until late 2010 the band went into an unexpected hiatus until they returned for the last show of The Ghost Computer!! At that show Rookie announced that he would be starting Starplanet and that it would not be complete without Piotr Kamler. An inferno was lit inside Piotr Kamler’s heart again, announcing a massive string of shows of the dying Neo-trash tour circuit. Now with no Wolf Pack to distract them from making awesome trash, Piotr Kamler have declared war on your unsuspecting senses…Good luck winning that one.