Galileo’s Ghost

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Remember Me, Starfighter Volume One

Galileo’s Ghost – Remember Me, Starfighter.
Volume One:
Rookie Allen’s Galileo’s Ghost:
15 Track Album – 454pg Graphic Novel.
Written By: Rookie Allen.
Art By: Rookie Allen, Spang Green, Drew Turner, Fully Metal Keith and A.W.Gray.
Lettering By: Stan Rosenberg.
All Music Written By: Rookie Allen, Brendan Baker.
Mixed By: Joel Black.
Mastered By: Chris Bauer.
Galileo’s Ghost at the time of recording was:
Vocals: Rookie Allen. Guitars: Brendan Baker. Bass: Steve Moore. Drums: Zach Falconer.
Electronics: DJ R.A.
Orchestra/Solo Violin/Choir: Random.

Book One:

For untold and forgotten millennia humans have always looked towards the stars.
As they gazed upon the lights of thousands unknown worlds their imaginations ran wild and they longed to walk among them.

Galileo’s Ghost is an EPIC METAL SPACE OPERA told through a blend of audio and visual art.

When a lone exploration battle cruiser stumbles across an abnormality in space all hell breaks loose.
Dimensions are crosses as we follow the final chapters of Lieutenant Grey Allen Curtis, a man lost, broken and ready to die. He’s the last Star Shell pilot left standing on this great exploration vessel The Galileo’s Ghost.
When sent to annualize the abnormality he torn from the world he knows and thrown into a parallel dimension where nothing seems real and nothing is the same…except for one thing. The only thing that made life among the stars worth living, the one thing he lost that sent him down a path of self destruction. She is his soul and the keeper of his heart.
But a familiar face looks to put an end to not only their reunion but to his life…All this while there’s two gigantic space battles tear thire universes apart.

Epic intergalactic adventure and over the top action await you in the pages of Galileo’s Ghost.
While head banging, mind expanding, heart warming and fist pumping experiences await you in the music.

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance.