Galileo’s Ghost

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Remember Me, Starfighter Volume One

Galileo’s Ghost – Remember Me, Starfighter.
Volume One:
Rookie Allen’s Galileo’s Ghost, is an epic metal space opera told through visual and audio art.
15 Track Album – 454pg Graphic Novel.
Written By: Rookie Allen.
Art By: Rookie Allen, Spang Green, Drew Turner, Fully Metal Keith and A.W.Gray.
Lettering By: Stan Rosenberg.
All Music Written By: Rookie Allen, Brendan Baker.
Mixed By: Joel Black.
Mastered By: Chris Bauer.
Galileo’s Ghost at the time of recording was:
Vocals: Rookie Allen. Guitars: Brendan Baker. Bass: Steve Moore. Drums: Zach Falconer.
Electronics: DJ R.A.
Orchestra/Solo Violin/Choir: Random Musicians.

Book One:

For untold and forgotten millennia humans have always looked towards the stars.
As they gazed upon the lights of thousands unknown worlds their imaginations ran wild and they longed to walk amongst them.

In mid 1947, An unknown vessel of alien origin crashed into the New Mexico desert and Humankind discovered that
they really weren’t alone in the universe.
The technology salvaged from the vessel as well as the information gathered from it’s crew, ushered in a new age of
warfare and global rule.
Then after decades of suppression, tyranny, failed upraises and revolutions man once again looked towards the stars.
Man finally utilise their long misused stolen technology to take their first giant leap into space…It was there humankind found their adversary and their near extinction.
One lone space craft exploring an uncharted by humankind area of deep space, stumbles across an abnormality that will take one broken man of it’s crew on a cross dimensional journey. Of which he will discover more about what we believe to be reality is nothing to what creation has to behold…as well as finding his everything.
He finds Her again…His reason to live.
The inspiration not remain forgotten but fight…and be remembered.
Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance.