Million Eels


Million Eels were a side project of Logan Nova of the acclaimed Neo-trash band The Ghost Computer!! as well as an ex member of Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for the penguin. They’re absolute chaos rapped into a little little spiked ball of anger, that has been shot from a cannon into your horrible dirty face…In other words classic Neo-trash.
The “émeute EP” was originally released independently by Million Eels.
But now finds it’s home in the Starplanet stable of neo-trash bands.
Million Eels are a must addition to any extreme music fan’s collection. In keeping with the traditions of Neo-trash. Starplanet records offer Piotr Kamler’s Recordings as a digital download that is available through the Starplanet store as well as the Following links.

Not much to tell really.
During a down period of The Ghost Computer!!, Guitarist Logan Nova, decided to start a band to past the time and feed his addiction to playing the style of audio graffiti. He asked around and got some of the Neo-trash faithful to join him in recording and ep, and play a couple of live shows.
Even though they were short lived their legacy lives on as a very influential noise to the scene.