Hitting the RESET button


Hey, beautiful people!!
Listen, we need to have a quick chat, because ESP want you to know what is going down.
OK, the industries we are in are constantly changing and we need to take a step back and take a look at the battle we are fighting and come up with a new game plan.
The Galileo’s Ghost project has evolved over the years and is something we will be very excited to unveil in the next few months to a year. But rest assured that Rookie has been working himself ragged trying to get this perfect. Not only that our other comic projects are also taking some time to complete also.

For all the EMAILS asking “Is more music coming?”…our answer…YES!! more music is coming, both NEW and OLD!! but we need to regroup, so just give us some time. Rookie will be releasing some more stuff from his past catalogue like HIMALIA, TEARS OF THE NOEL and SMART MARK AND THE GRATEFULLY REGURGITATED ect.
We also have an amazing DEBUT album from a project called TRONTARI and NUKE’EM RICO will be throwing a new release your way as well. We have so much going on we want it all to be perfect so YOU our awesome audience will be entertained. So please hold tight.

To those of you who email us with the question “Where is the JAPANESE Neo-trash Music you have been saying you were going to release?” Well here is your answer, It’s coming. The reason that we have not released it sooner is because the guys from KANEDA and MATSUNAGAVSGOD have some new musical projects of their own that we will be releasing along side their classic Japanese Neo-trash albums. If you are wondering what these projects are well you can head over to the Neo-core Crowned Records’s bandcamp https://neo-corecrownedrecords.bandcamp.com they are a great little indie label that specialize in everything Dark Web Neo-trash/Hackore/noise related. Our good friend and Rookie’s Japanese brother from another mother Haruto Kurihara (AKA Drummer of the Legendary Neo-trash band MATSUNAGAVSGOD) released an awesome JAPANOISE project called AMENOMINAKANUSHI in June 2016 on the NCCR label and we will be releasing his follow up in the future. And if JAPANOISE is your thing also on NCCR is an amazing collection of noise by a beautiful lady that goes by the name MYayuMI XX. Her “歪みを愛します: A Growing Portfolio of Self Indulgence” has had some great buzz around the online noise scene.

SO BACK TO ENTER STARPLANET, we will be going quiet over the next few months to a year and yes we have deleted some posts from our NEWS section. But rest assured that we will becoming back stronger and more aggressive than ever. Keep track of us on our TWITTER and stay cool…we will return 🙂 Seriously if we could talk to GOD and ask for the days to be longer…really we would.

STAY PUNK and if you’re not PUNK become PUNK and then stay that way.
This saying can also be applied to METAL 🙂
-The ESP team.

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