Everything Beautiful Bleeds

You awake to the view of an unfamiliar reality. The surrounding Forrest and it’s flora are blurry and a dull shade. While the sky glows white with a yellow tinge.
Your ears burst as this ecosystem bellows with chest tearing sounds of distortion but through this distorted and saturated haze, you can hear a voice screaming to you. With each burst of throat shredding emotion it leads you towards it. You follow the trail it has left for you, you stumble, you fall and you yourself begin to scream deep into the distortion. But you continue to claw away at the path towards your unknown destination.
Finally you reach that goal, you find The Owl, The Wasp, The Worm, The Bear and The Toad sitting around a burning glowing orb. Five kindred spirits painting a soundtrack to their own abstract universe with heavy and ambient sound.
You look down at your hands to find them sketched…And you finally realize you have been drawn in.
You look back at the five with tears in your eyes to find them staring back at you. Their mouths wide open and dripping with black ink. Then in unison they roar “Life is just a dream. A cruel illusion created to test you. And you are merely a thought in a sea of other thoughts.”

…Welcome to Everything Beautiful Bleeds.