Hitting the RESET button

Hey, beautiful people!! Listen, we need to have a quick chat, because ESP want you to know what is going down. OK, the industries we are in a constantly changing and we need to take a step back and take a look at the battle we are fighting and come up with a new game […]

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The Boss releases new EP!!

Rookie Allen CEO of ENTER STARPLANET has released a little side project to indulge the little kid inside him that parks his but in front of a TV screen for hours playing some of the best games ever invented. ROOKIE ALLEN & THE STREETS OF RAGE – SELF TITLED EP.

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Sleight Of Hand 6th of February 2016

Big news in all things SOH, The boys will be holding the 2016 reunion show at The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle on the 6th of FEB. Supporting will be October Rage as well as Anamata. Check out the Poster, I know how awesome am I 🙂 Hope to see all you Awesome people there!! Cheers […]

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Galileo’s Ghost Update!! Announcement of GG-EXU!!

OK!! It’s been a while since I’ve made an update on the progress of the next lot of Galileo’s Ghost releases. And since I have just read through a bunch of emails asking about it., OK time to do a post. Here are some sneaky pics of the production so far. Right now I’m thumb […]

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Nuke'em Rico - Rage Quit EP.


WOW!! It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to sit here and write a blog. I feel a new Rookie’s Rants is on the way, but for now I’ve got some cool news to let loose into the digital realm. THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING!! In all its virus infected 8bit mosh metal glory […]

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Benj Axwel BIG NEWS!!

Very excited to inform you… i’ll be supporting Clint Boge (Like Theives / Ex The Butterfly Effect/) on some NSW shows on his national tour ‘Songs of a Delicate Nature’. Clint’s also releasing an EP of his own material which I’m sure a lot of you (as well as myself) are very keen to get […]

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March Cambridge

Cambridge Hotel Friday night 13th March

I’m back y’all and getting busy. Going to be playing a show at the Cambridge Hotel this Friday night (13th March) in the sidebar with assistance from Musketeer and Annie Eve. Show starts at 8.30pm and it’s free entry. That’s right it’s free. Absolutely free. Drink is extra. But entry is free. I’ll be announcing […]

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50 Shades of Grey, I need to vent, then I want my money back.

Ok, I need to vent…here it goes the first ever official Rookie’s Rants. I’m going to open with a question…Really? fucking Really? I have never felt so embarrassed for everyone involved in this train wreck of a film. i just got back from this absolute visual shit about 3 minutes ago, and I feel like […]

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Best News In Ages!!

On Wednesday the 29th of October, a whole crate of these will make it’s way from China to Sydney. Soon This and… This!! will finally be together!! And all the people who email me asking about this thing will have their chance to get themselves one. Not going to lie, This part of the Galileo’s Ghost […]

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